Sunday, June 15, 2008

Are You Sitting?

Big, big news. HUGE news! Son lost his second tooth this week, which officially makes him twice as grown-up as before (yikes!).

This change has been characterized recently by some frank and open discussion on beer, babies, and the causal relationship between the two, as well as several other thorny subjects from out the dark heart of that haunted, grown-up province.

Also, there is a tendency of late, rather than run around the house, or throw things, or scream, or bounce off the walls like a coke-addled RedBull connoisseur, to crawl into my lap, look soulfully into my eyes with his gigantic blue peepers and straight-out declaim: "Daddy, I want some attention."

If you've tuned into my previous rant on the topic of male/female communication, you know that the direct approach works best with me, and this is something that Son seems to have figured out on his own. Which also proves my point about men not being very complicated. I mean, if a five-year-old can figure me out...

Oh yeah, hey. Happy Father's Day, Dad!