Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm Going To Hell

Erin's going to kill me, but check out these outrageous, hilarious, politically-incorrect ads from the "bad old days" of glaring gender stereotyping.

Men: "They weren't that bad".
Women: "They aren't that old".

I'm always taken by surprise at this kind of thing, firstly that anyone can look at this and see the humor, and secondly that anyone can look at this and not.

Time sure does a number on perspective.

3 uninformed opinions:

erin said...

wow, big scary me...I'm flattered! i'm going to hell, too, but not for killing you. these are funny, in the incredulous, can't-believe-they-ever-were-taken-seriously sort of way.

see you in hell! :)
(i think haiku will be joining the party, too. woo hoo!)

Cool Ranch Luke said...

Yeah, I figure we're pretty much all going to hell, but never for the reasons we think. The driver of my personal damnation lies outside the scope of this blog.

I love your blog. Can't believe you posted a comment here. It's... weird, like having Neptune clean your pool.

erin said...

get outta dodge...but thanks!

i have commented before, but it was a fuckup. i was trying to be helpful, but commented on the wrong post. so much for Neptune! i am the goddess of blunders.