Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sometimes I Feel Like This

Son #2 finally arrived, on Feb. 23rd, around 3:45 pm. He's a bit of angel, and a bit monster, like us all, but cuter than the mean. Certainly cuter than me. I won't talk about that too much, except to say that baby and mother are doing fine, and we're all home, happy, and sleep-deprived.

Perhaps you hadn't noticed, but I did take some time off over the last little while. Blogging just seemed so... unimportant. But I was reminded recently that it's the seemingly unimportant things that comprise, in aggregate, a purpose, or simulacra of purpose. It's easy to start thinking something's "not worth the effort", but that's a slippery slope, and now I have to climb it.


Anyways, I saw this thing today. And it reminded me of you. Or not of you, but of myself, I guess. Sometimes I feel like this. When I'm sleep-deprived.

I bet you were expecting a baby picture.

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