Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Bridge

After you were gone
the days, mocking, crawled.
I wanted it to mean Everything
then Nothing
But in the end, all it meant was Something

The days were long
But the years flew by.
I stopped talking (about you)
then thinking
finally dreaming

The show, they said
"His best ever!"
The critics, my friends
raved at how fucking brilliant I was.
But I hold myself to a higher

And one day, I loved.
Or thought I did.
We took it slow.
Went Places.
Met People.
Did Things.

When I stayed the night, those dreams returned.
Because she used
the same shampoo as you.
That Smell

The water is dark
but I am ready.

1 uninformed opinions:

Leila said...

...because she used the same shampoo as you. That smell....

brilliant. beautiful.