Friday, January 18, 2008

Does This Diaper Make My Butt Look Big?

I blogged a while back about some Greenpeace scheme to stop Japanese whaling by naming a humpback. They were asking the "community" to vote on the name of their new cetacean friend. Well, the results are in and, yes friends, MISTER SPLASHY PANTS has won the day! In celebration, I invite you to hug your nearest tree.

Why is Mr. Splashy Pants wearing a diaper? Are those his PANTS? His ... splashy pants?

3 uninformed opinions:

erin said...

splashy under pants. briefs. see the trap door? far more streamlined than boxers.

Cool Ranch Luke said...

Those damn briefs are always made for right-handed fellas. What if he's a southpaw? Lots of whales are, you know.

erin said...

his arms/fins are too short no matter which paw he may be. he may just have to pee in his splashy pants. and that bring us right back to your original diaper hypothesis.

poor humpback. he may be destined for the beach.