Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm Not Telling You Anything You Don't Already Know. I Know.

Isabella Rossellini is endowed with a universal hotness that transcends age, gender, or sexual orientation. Which is how I know that you, perverted little monkey that you are, will be excited to discover her recent forays into insectophile pornography. Titled "Green Porno", it's apparently a commentary on something or other. You know, the beauty of nature, purity of the insect's libidinous urges (carnivorous mantis-booty is a particularly vivid example), etcetera. Whatever. This may be the only chance you have to witness this Italian goddess starring in insect pr0n.

Go. Go now.

[Edit] Oh yeah, and she aways plays the male insect, which is totally a metaphor or something. Very profound.

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erin said...

Thank you for this. My world has been rocked.

I've passed on the link to friends and am making a mental note of who is truly kindred and who is not based on their reaction. An apt litmus test.

Bug smut has now trumped her "big beef and cheddar" line on 30 Rock.