Monday, December 3, 2007

Gratitude / Forgiveness

dwarf-knuckled homunculus
defeated, spirit broken
can still press a button
for his food

Half blind
wounded by the worst of us
shivering in the corner
I still see the untamed
heart in him

And I
indignant and well-meaning
loose the ties, unhook the latch
crack the door and show him
to be free

No sight
but caught
the scent of winter's promise
all unknowing, nothing
could hold back his momentum
when he ran

This cold
this bitter blasted landscape
promised nothing, but forgave
me that I freed him
to his death

2 uninformed opinions:

erin said...

Great images.
I like the roll of "wounded by the worst of us".

Leila said...

Poor guy, he must be hungry. Let's take him out for a drink and pizza.